• __www.backchannel.sswiki.com__
  • __http://backchannel.us/__
  • Coveritlive.com - create an account, create a new event
  • Can block users
  • No log in required
  • Can have multiple moderators
  • Can go back and change text after it has posted
  • Research indicating Backchannel might be better than twitter... (go to website to find out more about this)
  • Ideas
    • Set up chat for faculty meeting
    • For students as they watch a video
    • As students review for a test, quiz or exam
    • Free and easy discussion board

Structure and advice - http://backchannel.sswiki.com/Structure

Essential Questions - http://backchannel.sswiki.com/Essential+Questions

Resources from the presenters - http://backchannel.sswiki.com/Resources

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