Autism and Learning Technologies: Pathways for Engagement and Expression
by Dr. Katharina Boser, Individual Differences in Learning
and Kathleen McClaskey

see also: Mind Institute (Irvine, CA) and Autism Speaks

Much of this session was geared around navigation through her websiteAutism Technology . Here are a few key points to consider when matching technology to students with disabilities:

1. What is the impairment?
2. How can technology be used effectively to increase student engagement or output?
3. What has worked with this student before? What is the student good at?
4. Is the technology something that is just 'cool'? Will it achieve the results for the student that you are looking for?

Some key areas to the website:
1. Navigate through the left bar or through the center section
2. Center page has a navigation screen with links for these topics:
  • Tools for Improving Social and Affective Skills
  • Tools for Language Development
  • Motor, Sensory, Behavioral
  • Resources and Background
3. Bottom page has comprehensive information about the characteristics of Autism