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Ain't going to happen. Not now, not ever. Never did happen, in fact. We all construct our blogrolls, our Twitter friends, or our other social networking relationships for our benefit and to meet our own unique needs. That leads some folks to add everyone as a friend. Others, no one. And whichever way you want to go is fine for you - but please don't require that I or anyone else goes with your system to meet our own needs.
Eric Langhorst shares thoughts about the importance of story in the classroom as well as tools and strategies to help students become oral historians.
Each month our guest experts discuss and invite you to share your ideas about using multimedia resources to address common instructional challenges. These practitioners live and work in your standards-based, resource-challenged world. They share your commitment to creating rich, engaging learning experiences for students and are pioneering methods for infusing their instruction with media to improve learning across grade levels and curriculum topics.